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Medicare Supplement vs Medicare Advantage

by Doug Benson March 14, 2014
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This is a work in progress Medicare Supplements Pros Cons Medicare Advantage Plans Pros Cons Summary

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Medicare Preventive Services

by Doug Benson November 21, 2013
2014 Medicare Preventive Services

Over the last several years Medicare has added additional Preventive Services to their list of covered services. The currently list is extensive and covers most of the annual preventive services you need. 2014 Medicare Preventive Services Welcome to Medicare preventive visit – one-time visit, during the first twelve months after you get Medicare Part B. […]

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What are the medicare supplement plans in georgia?

by Doug Benson October 16, 2013
Georgia Med Sup Plans

Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia You may be surprised to know that as of October, 2013 there are more than 40 Medicare Supplement Plans in Georgia. The good news is that you don’t have to contact every one of them to find out which one has the best rates in your area. Independent Medicare Supplement […]

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Should I Change my Medicare Prescription Plan?

by Doug Benson October 9, 2013

Review and Compare your Medicare Prescription Plan Every Year Should you change your medicare prescription plan? The correct question to ask is “When should I review my Medicare Prescription Plan?” And the answer to that question is “Every Year.” If you have a Medicare Prescription Plan (also known as a Medicare Part-D plan) you have […]

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How Does Obamacare Affect Medicare?

by Doug Benson October 2, 2013

The Short Answer – Not Much at All Like most healthcare questions there is a short answer and a long answer. The short answer is that Obamacare, also known as National Healthcare, The Affordable Care Act, The National Healthcare Bill, and other terms, doesn’t affect Medicare very much at all. Here is a screenshot taken […]

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When can I change my medicare plan?

by Doug Benson April 26, 2013

The answer to “When you can change your plan” depends on which Medicare Insurance Plan you are talking about. Here are the three most common: Traditional Medicare Supplement – If you have a traditional Medicare supplement plan such as a plan F, G, etc. then you can change plans any time during the year, provided […]

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Medicare Scam Alert

by Doug Benson April 20, 2013
Medicare Scam

A New Medicare Card? Not this way. Scams come and go, and Medicare is not immune. Local authorities have recently received many calls from senior citizens reporting the return of an old Medicare scam. Individuals are receiving calls from persons posing as a Medicare officials. The callers claim that Medicare is sending out new Medicare […]

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New Southern Senior Care Website Features

by Doug Benson December 4, 2012
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This is the new Email alert feature I spoke with you about. This will enable us to get important information to you very quickly. Based on your profile (what supplement or advantage plan you have), you will receive email alerts like this whenever we identify important information that we think will interest you. We will […]

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Welcome to our new Website

by Doug Benson November 10, 2012

New Southern Senior Care Website We have ┬áredesigned our website from ground up. Why? So that we can keep you more informed. This new site is built using the most advanced content management, mobile delivery, and communications engines available. Why is this important? The amount of information that is being created daily is staggering. Trying […]

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New to Medicare then Read This

by Doug Benson January 10, 2011

There are three key events that are the most important with regard to Medicare, Medicare Supplement Insurance and Prescription Plans: Turning 65 Adding Medicare Part B Loosing Employer Group Insurance If #1 or #2 is going to occur for you the next three months, or if they have occurred within the last five (5) months. […]

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