When can I change my medicare plan?

by Doug Benson on April 26, 2013. Updated November 23, 2013

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The answer to “When you can change your plan” depends on which Medicare Insurance Plan you are talking about. Here are the three most common:

Traditional Medicare Supplement – If you have a traditional Medicare supplement plan such as a plan F, G, etc. then you can change plans any time during the year, provided you are approved by underwriting. Medicare Supplement applications contain ten to fifteen health questions (each company is a little different.) When you submit an application, an underwriter will review your answers to these questions to determine whether or not you qualify. If you can answer “No” to most of the questions, then you will likely be able to change supplement plans.

Prescription Drug Plan (Part D) – You can change Part D plans at the end of each year during the Annual Election Period, and the change will go into effect on January 1st. The Annual Enrollment Period is from October 15 through December 7. Southern Senior Care can begin researching your options as early as September. You should review your plan each year, as they do change and your costs can vary greatly from one plan to another.

Medicare Advantage Plan – The dates for adding, changing or dropping a Medicare Advantage plans are the same as a Prescription Drug Plan, Oct 15 – Dec 7. Southern Senior Care reviews the plans of all of our clients each year to insure they have the best plan available. We will be happy to review your plan to see if you increase your benefits or lower your costs.

If you would like a free rate review on your supplement, prescription plan or advantage plan, simply contact us at your convenience. Feel free to call us or use our Questions and Comments or Rate Quote Form.

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