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by Doug Benson on November 10, 2012. Updated November 23, 2013

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New Southern Senior Care Website

We have  redesigned our website from ground up. Why? So that we can keep you more informed. This new site is built using the most advanced content management, mobile delivery, and communications engines available.

Why is this important?

The amount of information that is being created daily is staggering. Trying to read enough to distill the relative content is impossible for any one person. The architecture of our new site enables us to create new content very quickly, automatically format it for every device from personal computers, to tablets, to smartphones, and quickly deliver it right to your inbox.

All for One, and One for All

The new feedback forms and comments areas enable you to send us any information you run across so that we can investigate it and get answers back to you AND to all of our other clients. So we are all working to together to keep everyone informed. All the buzz in the press about social media. It just means we all work together to share important news with each other.

Powerful Search Engine

As the amount of content grows on the site, it will become difficult to simply browse through page by page. So we integrated a site-wide search engine. Simply enter a term or question in the searchbox and press enter. We will display every page and article that contains that information so that you can quickly locate what you are looking for. And if you don’t quickly find an answer, just fill out our Comments and Questions form and we’ll find it and send it to you.



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