Medicare Insurance Plans for Diabetics

by Doug Benson on January 10, 2011. Updated November 23, 2013

in Medicare Advantage

According to the American Diabetes Association, over 20 million american adults and children have diabetes. That is approximately 7% of the population. 50% of all those affected are over age 60 and therefore close if not already on Medicare. If you have Medicare and Diabetes there are several new Health Plan options available to you. You will find them listed in the back of your 2008 Medicare and You book under the section called “Special Needs Plans.”

These health plans are also known as Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans and are only available to people on Medicare who have been diagnosed with certain chronic conditions such as diabetes, COPD, and chronic heart failure.

These special needs plans generally provide more benefits than original Medicare and other general Medicare Advantage Plans. One company, Care Improvement Plus, based in Atlanta, GA, offers six different options. All of their plans include the Medicare Part D Prescription coverage and most include additional benefits such as Transportation, Preventative Dental, Vision, Health Assessments, Medication Monitoring and more.

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If you have been diagnosed with Diabetes or any of the other chronic conditions listed above and would like to find out more about the Medicare Special Needs plans and how you may benefit from joining one, please fill out our Contact Form or simply call us at the tollfree number listed in the left column of every page.

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